Cancer Horoscope : August

Cancer In August

Cancer’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In August

Weeks of excitement, in which you'll meet a lot of people, increasing your chances of meeting the one.

Affinities are built on intellectual and spiritual criteria. You might get some proposals, verbal declarations or romantic messages, maybe even go on a trip with your partner.

To new and old relationships, communication has a special part as a priceless tool of getting to know each other or of improving your cohabitation.

Cancer’s Money & Career Horoscope In August

Written or verbal, communication proves to be important for your career as well. You may write a paper, take a test, negotiate a contract or have preliminary discussions concerning a future cooperation. August is a month of interaction, in which team spirit, information and opinion exchange prevail.

Some surprises could occur in the area of money: the two eclipses, the Sun and the Moon eclipses, will take place on the axis of finances, promising novelties and changes.

Cancer’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In August

Theoretically, there won't be any serious health problems. In reality, anything is possible because your ruler, the Moon, will have an eclipse and this eclipse can have effects on any area of life.

Take care especially when traveling, because there is a risk of accidents! You don't lack prudence, but you have to take into consideration that August is a month of tension that affects many of us and you can't know when and whom you might interact with.

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